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The reason women and men develop hollow cheeks and sunken cheekbones over time is because the underlying muscles and tissue lose fiber and collagen.
The middle face area becomes hollow, and the skin hangs and becomes lined and wrinkly in that void. The framework holding the skin, muscle, and tissue to
the skull bone weakens as we age.

The combination of skeletal cheeks and sagging skin along the jawline can really add years to your appearance. To build and augment cheeks for a tighter,
toned look one does not have to turn to expensive dermal fillers or artificial cheek implants. There is a lot cheaper and more permanent way to overcome a
sunken face by using DIY cheek tautening exercises and facial strengthening routines.

Facial restoration workouts do an amazing job of toning and firming slack skin, in addition to decreasing lines and wrinkles. By simply massaging the skin to
rebuild and fill out sunken cheek areas, you can give yourself a younger looking face and gorgeous complexion to boot!

What you need are effective facial aerobics remedies and regimens that not only lift up and tighten jowls and sagging skin around the jawline, but raise and
augment cheekbone hollows as well.

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