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The throat is exposed to a lot of sunlight and weather, and gravity takes its toll on the muscles and overlying skin. Over the years, the epidermis loses its
elasticity and tends to droop
. A person's face can look healthy and refreshed, but the neck area could be sagging and lined. The wilting skin here is often
called turkey or tortoise neck, and the lined tissue is termed neck wattle.

To get rid of wrinkly turtle neck and wattle, start a face and neck exercise massage regimen. By using the fingertips on certain nodal energy spots on the
throat, men and women are obtaining beautiful natural neck lifts. Because of the new stimulation, the muscles on the neck and along the jaw pull up the wattle
on the throat and smooths out the wrinkled skin. Added circulation due to the neck firming treatments also increase collagen and elastin production, and
induce more blood to feed the skin cells on the neck. Your neck skin glows with revived color.

Non-surgical turkey neck repair with neck yoga and face flexing solutions make huge improvements to your throat surface. Neck wattle recedes or even
disappears, and you look younger as a result of a straightened and smoother neck skin.

Check out organic methgods how men and women are using neck and face gymnastics regimens to fix, and lose turkey neck, and tighten face skin for restored
youth - on our main website...
Fix throat wattle and improve a lined turkey neck with neck firming exercises
Tighten and overcome wrinkly human turtle neck using facial gymnastics techniques
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