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Self-done natural facial rubbing techniques and face aerobics routines incorporate a unique blend of highly effective methods drawn from facial exercise
methodology. Now, fuse this with acupressure and face reflexology remedies and you have a perfect recipe for a natural regeneration facelift. One session,
using your own fingertips, provides instant lifting of the face skin and underlying muscles. The more you perform face flexing workouts, the better the skin
firming and wrinkle reduction results.

Non-surgical oriental facelifts are being produced by women and men all over the world using facelift transformation regimens. Facial yoga treatments will work
for you too whether you are man or woman, old or young. This ancient, yet simple method of traditional facial massage treats the surface and also deep facial
and neck tissue with highly refined, gentle hand and finger skin manipulation routines.

A combination of facial gymnastics and stimulation therapy, via repetitive movements on acupressure energy points, work on the underlying facial muscles to
help level out wrinkles and smoothen lined, slack skin. Regular massage of the facial muscles strengthens them and keeps them supple and toned. Doing
these procedures also help to reduce muscular tension and restore mobility to the face, yielding a youthful glow and the ultimate lifting of your face and neck.  
It is also a wonderful de-stress solution which will leave you relaxed and refreshed as headaches and other tension-related symptoms fade away.

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